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Parents are not aware of all the fantastic developmental toys, games and aids out there. Whether the challenge is sensory processing and integration, weak core muscles, problematic emotional self-regulation or any number of other concerns, there are developmental products for every need. My vision is to help parents help their children to meet their developmental needs. A child who struggles with developmental challenges is an anxious child. This process of course, is always a team effort led by professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, play therapists, etc.

Contact me regarding your developmental toy/product/device and if it is clear that it aids in child development, I may decide to write about it here.

For the Moms

The pace is tough for moms. Especially for moms with children with any kind of challenge.

I gladly share some of my indulgences, ways of unwinding and recharging, and simple pleasures. We will also talk about exercise and routine maintenance. Yep. That body would probably love a bit of healthy tweaking or TLC.

Please share your ideas, adventures and tips. I would love to hear from you!

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Hélène Serfontein

My name is Hélène Serfontein. I am a registered physiotherapist in South Africa. I have two children, ages four and six. My six year old developed vision problems at age four. The developmental impact of compromised vision has prompted me to start researching various aspects relating to vision and early childhood development. I would like to share some of my discoveries in the hopes that other parents may benefit.