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Introduction: Child Development

In modern society there is a heightened awareness of the needs and development of children. Previous generations of children just grew up and coped. Or didn’t. Or thrived. Now parents are made to be more aware by the ever-increasing demands of especially school systems. The availability of technology to children is changing the natural order of development. Social media are opening our eyes to different challenges. But, as parents, we often do not know just how much we don’t know.

I am sharing some information on this page, which I have gleaned from various experts in their fields, research and through my own professional and personal experience. I would like to talk about physical development, nutrition, attachment, supplementation and various other things that parents and children encounter on their journey. I believe that stimulating cognitive, physical and emotional development through movement will become more and more important.

Our parents did things differently – some of which we should strive to preserve. If kids could play outside most of the day, eat nutritious food and have nurturing, emotionally intelligent, caring parents in a safe environment – that is half the battle well fought. Overcoming internal obstacles is the hardest struggle for some children. Trying to master external skills in a body that is not coping or responding incorrectly is heartbreaking. It is my hope that some of the information I share may be of value to other parents. Maybe, if each of us had more pieces of the puzzle, we could help our children towards happy balance.

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My name is Hélène Serfontein.  I am a registered physiotherapist in South Africa. I have two children, ages four and six. My six year old developed vision problems at age four. The developmental impact of compromised vision has prompted me to start researching various aspects relating to vision and early childhood development. I would like to share some of my discoveries in the hopes that other parents may benefit. Child rearing is the most challenging job of all. As parents we need an impressive box of tools to raise balanced, happy children with the skills needed in modern day schools and life.