The Magic Mat and its little secret…

The Magic Mat and its little secret…

The Magic Mat is a magical adventure of movement. This is such a fun activity – with huge developmental benefits. It is a truly holistic approach to physical and emotional development through movement, sound and breathing.

image“The magical tool of the book and animated DVD, (view trailer) demonstrates fun, physical stretching and relaxation techniques that develop happy, relaxed, loving and healthy children where kids get to discover their higher selves and learn to feel love, compassion and gratitude.”

The beauty of Magic Mat is this:
– The whole experience creates a wonderful mixture of movement, stretch, mobility and postural awareness combined with breathing.
– Through touch and specific movements, children develop body awareness and spatial awareness. This is part of proprioception development.
– By using very strong visual imagery and association with animals and colours, children can become aware of emotions and how they can manifest in the body.
– Children learn to celebrate different emotions and how to ‘clear out’ upsetting emotions.
– The movements incorporate easy balances and basic midline crossing techniques.
– Some of the movements are neurodevelopmental movements.
– The sequence of movement has a great combination of flexion and extension movements.
– Improvement in self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence can be brought about with regular visits to the Mat.
– The relaxation techniques, mindfulness and breathing relieve anxiety.
– It introduces mindfulness techniques in a way that little ones can easily manage. This holistic approach brings the child’s awareness to listening, thinking, breath and emotional awareness. Mind-body connections are emphasized in these easy steps.

The parent and child guides in the beginning of the book give simple, concise and clear instructions for use.

The Magic Mat is a book of 44 pages with a complimentary 26 minute length animated DVD.
It is suitable for 5-12 year olds, however younger children can participate. My 4 year old loved it, even though she couldn’t do all the movements. At age 6, my son already had an appreciation for the mindfulness exercises and emotional aspects of Magic Mat.

Website where it can be viewed/purchased:


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