Have a ball

Have a ball

Simply owning a ball is an easy way to get children moving and active.

Sit on the ball instead of a chair for watching TV or working at a desk. Brilliant for proprioception and core activation.

Some fun activities to do on the ball:

Child on the tummy:

  • Hold their ankles and do airplanes with head up and arms wide while rolling the ball backwards and forwards.
  • Then do wheelbarrow with hands on the floor while rolling the ball side to side or backwards and forwards, still holding the ankles.

Child sitting on the ball:

  • Bounce them on the ball.
  • Humpty dumpty. Have them ‘fall’ backwards towards you, while holding their hands or pelvis.
  • Roll them backwards and forwards while lying on their back on the ball. (Lovely vestibular input)
  • Pull them back up to sitting, giving little help (Good for core muscles)
  • Move them from side to side – trying to push them off while they must stay upright (Stimulating head-righting reactions)

Sit on the floor with legs wide and roll the ball to each other.

Play tug of war with the ball, standing on your knees. The one who grabs the ball away from the other wins!


  • Try to lift the ball overhead and throw it.
  • Bounce the ball with two arms; or using alternating hands for bigger children.

‘Falling off’ with mom holding on is a great laugh. My kids jump on the balls when they lie around the house or bounce them or bounce on them. Easy developmental fun.


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